Monday the 3rd to Tuesday the 11th of November

Ok, so I haven’t posted for over a week.. again.  Never mind.  Just going to write anything interesting that I can remember.

Monday the 3rd: * ???

Tuesday the 4th: Watched latest Gotham episode.  Penguin is so cool!  Twisted and cruel, but an awesome villain.

Wednesday the 5th: Animal clinic.  There was a male albino ferret in for neutering.  Very aggressive, but so cute :).  When the aneasthetic was wearing off, the ferret was trying to arrange his long body into the most comfortable position, and watching his head move first, and then watching the rest of his body follow was just the cutest thing.  A privately owned female kitten was there to be spayed and to have her eye checked.  The left eye was partly closed, and I thought that maybe she had conjuntivitus, but it turned out that her eyeball had burst and her lower eyelid was stuck to it 😦 so it had to be removed.  I felt really bad for the wee kitty, and was so grateful that my own furry baby was whole and healthy.  The vet said it was probably the cat flu virus that caused the eye to burst.  I couldn’t help but wonder about the reaction of the owner.  I would be extremely upset if I sent in my kitten to be neutered and have his eye checked, and they gave him back to me missing an eye, even if it was absolutely necessary.  Again, I’m so happy that my kitten is healthy.

Thursday the 6th:  Got a paniked call from my love while I was at work.  Some family drama (his side) that could see us kicked out of the flat we live in (which is owned by his grandfather), and create a rift between my partner and his father.  Partner was very upset.  I did my best to reassure him that everything would be alright and advised him on what he could do.  Ceramic artist from Scotland arrives at the workshop, he’ll be here for two weeks, making molds.

Friday the 7th: Partner very worried about family problems, which still haven’t come to a head, despite several phone calls between him and various members of his family.  We look at houses for sale.  Find some interesting ones.  No way we can afford them at the moment though.  Need to find a full-time job first.

Saturday the 8th: Partner at work, me at my grandfathers’.  Have a very frustrating morning editing pesky health book and snap constantly at my grandfather, with him snapping back.  No nastiness though, so that was ok.  Get home early afternoon and get a call from my love, who says he has been informed that his grandfather is very likely coming to see us.  Panic stations!  House is a complete mess and we’d be kicked out immediately if his grandad knew what shape the flat was in.  So I hurriedly start tidying up.  As I’m doing the washing up, a key turns in the lock.. but it’s just my love, back from work.  His grandfather has a key, and for a moment I thought it might be him.  Partner joins in the cleaning-a-thon.  Soon we have the place reasonable clean, with extra stuff dumped in the spare room.  We spend the whole afternoon and evening at home, just to see if he comes.  He doesn’t.. still, the house is nice and tidy now.

Sunday the 9th: We go out for a walk by the sea in the sun.  We have a couple of drinks at a bar/cafe and talk about the possibility of getting a house loan, and what we’d do with our imaginary 3 bedroomed place (turn master bedroom in a library and gaming room).  Buy deli counter foods and two passion fruits.  We have fun together :).

Monday the 10th: Family drama sorted out by my partner’s sister.  All is good for the time being.

Tuesday the 11th: Exactly one month before our holiday!  Really looking forward to it!!  It’s the head painter’s birthday (80th) at work, so we buy him a big tin of Quality Street and stick couled candles onto it.  He’s really happy and it’s great to see.  We sing him ‘happy birthday’, even though he’s deaf, and he just loves all the attention. At home, I finish my scarf!  It awesome.  Very colourful and rather long.  Must post a picture of it.  So proud.  Now have to knit one each for my mother, father and brother, as Christmas presents :). *


Sunday the 2nd of November

Up and about by 07:19.  We took down the tent and played SWTOR, then went out for a walk by the sea.  We bought a pumpkin for lunch.  We had a waffle with chocolate sauce, maltesers and flying saucers.  Really tasty.  We shared one, but it wasn’t as heavy as we thought, I’d definately get us one each next time.  We went to a bar and he had a pint of Guiness and I had a Southern Comfort and lemonade.  We talked about what he wanted to do for his birthday.  Then we strolled back to the car and drove home.  I made a soup in the pumpkin kinda thing for a late lunch (Cut a smallish hole in top of pumpkin, pulled out all seeds.  Put in garlic, cream, a fish stock cube, a carrot, half a marrow and a cup of water.  Put it all in the oven and left it for an hour and a half.  The inside was still kind of cold.  I put in crab sticks and shrimps and put it back in the oven for another hour or so.  The carrots were still raw, but everything else was cooked, so served it.  I cut pieces of the pumpkin off as I was putting the ‘soup’ into bowls.  The bits of pumpkin were delicious, flavoured with garlic and seafood.  Wasn’t too bad all in all 🙂 )  Later on we had chicken dippers (his in buns) and I had a blue cheese sandwich (haven’t had blue cheese in ages, was just as tasty as I remembered 🙂 ).  Watched Lethal Weapon 3 and fell asleep all cuddled up on the sofa.

Saturday the 1st of November

Our 5 year anniversary 🙂

Woke up late.  Went to buy lovely coloured wool.  Had a pizza each from a pastizzi shop opposite the wool place.  My love bought me a kinder surprisa.  I love those 🙂  Drove up to the capital city.  I was too tired for walking around so we drove back home 🙂 I slept for an hour, with the kitten, then my love and I went to buy mussels, clams, crab sticks and shrimps.  We also bought chicken dippers and boil-in-the-bag kippers.  Then we bought sauvignon blanc, tinned tomatoes, blue cheese and fresh bread from another shop.  We took several pictures of ourselves, some with our fluffy baby.  Great pics.  We made a seafood, wine and tomato thing and it was fantastic.  We ate it with a bit of rice and lots of crusty bread.  Delicious.  We watched the Addams Family, then we made a tent using chairs and sheets and watched the 1990 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  My partner cooked some chicken dippers, so we munched on those dipped in ketchup 🙂

Friday the 31st of October

Halloween!  Work was good fun.  I took candy corn in with me and me and my boss took several photos of us being vampires 🙂

When my love came home, we went to have a couple of whiskies, then we went to the cinema to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 3D.  It was awesome!  Loved it.  Then we met my friend and her beloved for a few drinks.  It was good fun.  Got home about 1am, not too late.

Tuesday the 21st to Thursday the 30th of October

Haven’t posted in ages.  Why?  Mostly laziness, but also because I was too busy doing stuff to sit down and write about it.  So here I will put down a very brief summary of what I did each day between the 21st and 30th of October.

Tuesday 21st: Was meant to go out for dinner with parents and aunty, but partner was working overtime and my mum didn’t seem too keen on my coming, so I didn’t go.

Wednesday 22nd: Animal clinic.  Held a little terrier for most of my time there.  It was nervous and needed calming down pre-neutering and soothing post-neutering.  Smelly doggy.  Re-enforced my preference for cats.  Was late meeting my mum and aunty at my place due to traffic.  Had lunch with them.  My mum brought bread, butter, ham and cheese so we had sandwiches, with chocolate and fruit for afters.  Had a great time chatting with them.

Thursday 23rd: Aunty flew back early in the morning.

Friday 24th: Have no idea.. It was pretty good at work though, from what I can recall.

Saturday 25th: Went up to partner’s dad and stepmum’s place.  They were going abroad for a few days to see a Van Morrison concert, so we house-sat (they have two dogs and a cat) for the time they were away.  Went to the chocolate festival in the evening.  It was nowhere near as big as the bakery type one we went to with my aunt, but it was ok.  We (partner and I) had chocolate covered imqaret (ok, but would’ve been much tastier if served warm).  We saw chocolate sculptures (awesome) and chocolate painting (pretty silly).  We saw chocolate from the 1800’s, given to troops in Africa by Queen Victoria (very interesting display) and we bought several handmade chocolates.  Went back to partner’s dad’s place and watched junk t.v. and ate junk food (we stopped off at the Mc. Donalds drive-thru on the way back – McMenu meal for him, euro burger and chips for me).  Slept okish.

Sunday 26th: Woken up by one of the dogs barking away.  First partner got up to see what was wrong.  He said all was fine.. But dog didn’t stop barking, so I went to see.  The dog’s tummy was making funny noises, kinda like he had swallowed the cat, or, more realistically, a squeaky toy.  I figured she desperately needed to go to go walkies, so I gently prodded my partner out of bed (he calls himself a dog person) and off he went to walk the dog.  Then back to sleep.  Had a lovely hot bath in the morning, then was off to meet my dad for a motorbike ride for charity.  There were loads of motorbikes!  All different kinds.  Bike ride was freaking great.  Had a fantastic time.  We got lost at one point and must of taken a shortcut somewhere, because we were at the end point some 5 minutes before all the other hundreds of bikes turned up.  Free water, apples and Fitness bars.  Then home, where my love was waiting.  Late afternoon we went back to his dad’s and walked the dogs.  We watched junk on t.v. and ate crisps and chocolates.  Then another bath and bed.  Didn’t sleep very soundly.

Monday 27th: We had both booked leave to house-sit, but my partner had to go in to work 😦 Didn’t want to hang around in someone else’s house alone, so he dropped me off at home on the way to work.  I did some housework, played Shadows of Mordor, knitted, watched friends, skyped my mum, then my love came home :).  We went to walk the dogs and tidy up whatever mess we had left.  Dogs had left a few surprises, (one of which was in his dad’s bed..) so we cleaned all that up, then left for home.  Was very nice to sleep in our own bed again.

Tuesday 28th: ???

Wednesday 29th: Animal clinic.  Was ok.  Female vet was a bit mean.  Was invited by W to a dinner they were having Thursday.  I said no immediately, without thinking of an excuse, and they seemed a bit put off when my only reason was, ‘it’d be weird’.  So now they probably think I dislike them and that I’m a right weirdo.  The real reason was that even the thought of it made me feel uncomfortable and I’d be even more uncomfortable during said dinner.  Not good in social situations, me.  I just couldn’t do it.

Thursday 30th: ???

Monday the 20th of October

Took the day leave to go shopping with my mum and aunty.  We meet in one of the main shopping places.  They’re late.  I see an ‘invisible man’ busking.  Really cool.

The three of us stroll in and out of shops, looking at different things and trying different colours against my aunty’s skin tone (she’s getting married for the 2nd time next year and wants a coloured dress).  We find that a duck egg blue really suits her, makes her blue eyes ‘pop’.  She agrees and the colour of her wedding dress is settled!  I say hello to one of my former colleagues in the book shop.  He always asks after my parents whenever I see him (he’s a really, really nice chap) and so he has a bit of a chat with my mum.  And then back to browsing.  My aunty buys some sparkly blue hair twisters to perhaps wear with her dress, then we’re off to Marks ‘n’ Sparks, where we look at some more bluey greeny clothes.  We buy sandwiches from their food area (cheese and branston for my aunt, mediterranean tuna for mum and salmon and cream cheese for me) and drinks (cranberry lemonade for aunty, coffee for mum and sparkling apple and blueberry for me).  My mum and I swap a sandwich half each.  We discuss my aunt’s wedding.  She says it’s going to be very small and there’s no need for us to go, especially as it’s in Scotland, miles away from any airport.  She also says that she’ll be having a reception type thing (a pig roast) in August and that she’d rather we went to that.  Lots of people are going to it.  My mum and I ascertain that she won’t be sad without us at the wedding (my mum in particular) and for the most part decide to just come in August.  It would be too expensive to do both and my aunt keeps insisting that it’d be better if we came to the reception.  She’s off honeymooning directly after the wedding, so essentially we’d be going to Scotland just for one day..

We catch a ferry to the next shopping town.  My mum and I sit at the top of the boat, in the sun and at the front, whilst my aunt sits downstairs.  She’s had enough sun she says 🙂  We go the Marks ‘n’ Sparks in this area too and my mum buys a pair of red shoes, which my aunt and I admire accordingly.  They are very nice though.  I buy honey roasted cashew nuts for my love’s upcoming birthday and a packet of half priced spicy tomato crisps.  And we’re off to a shopping centre.  We look at dresses for my aunt and she tries on a couple.  We look at men’s clothes and my mum gets a t-shirt with a motorbike on it for my dad.  We go to the shop where I was expecting to buy shoes for my partner’s birthday present.  We find the shoes but they’re not really how I imagined them and I know that my love wouldn’t like them 😦 really need to find him a present pronto!  We stop at Cinnabon and have a small chocolate cinnabon each, with glasses of raspberry lemonade.  Rather tasty.  We go round a couple more shops.  I see an awesome leather-esque skirt, with functioning pockets.  How many skirts have pockets?!  It’s one of the reasons that I prefer jeans, they always have pockets.  And I hate how some clothes only pretend to have pockets, so I made sure that these were real ones.  A bit out of my budget though, so I didn’t get it.

Then we were off to catch the bus home, but not before walking along the sea and taking pictures.  We had different buses (2 for me, one for them the jammy so and so’s :P) to catch, so we said goodbye.

Home to my love.

Sunday the 19th of October

  • Argument with my partner.
  • Kitten kills a fly! So proud.
  • Make treacle tart and plum pie to take to my mum’s.  Burn the treacle tart a bit :S.  Really hope it tastes ok.  Always make great tasting things for myself and my love at home, then they come out terrible when I make them for anyone else.
  • Get to my mum’s.  Brother is lazing about with his girlfriend.  It drives me crazy when he does this.  He doesn’t help with the table, the food and doesn’t talk to anyone.  I could’ve smacked him.  His girlfriend seems uncomfortable around and doesn’t say much.  My brother just sits around with his laptop, not even taking to her.
  • Lunch is amazing.  Lots of roast chicken, carrots and marrows, balls of stuffing, roast spuds and yorkshire puddings, with plenty of gravy.  Absolutely delicious.  Enjoy talking to my family and partner.  Tell them about kitten catching a fly :).
  • Served up my desserts with custard.  They go down a treat.  Everyone really likes them. Yay me 🙂
  • Brother retires to his room with his girlfriend and the rest of us go to snooze on my parent’s huge new sofa.  I read a few magazines and my partner messed around on his phone, then we snuck away while everyone was asleep.  My mum woke up just as we were about to leave so we said our goodbyes and went home.
  • Cosied up on the sofa, watched t.v. and slept.